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Title Loans Irving, TX

One of the most frustrating things at home can be when an appliance breaks and you need to buy a new one, and your refrigerator is one appliance you cannot do without since it keeps your food from spoiling. But getting a good refrigerator even for a discount can still be very pricey, and if you don't have any money currently in savings to get a new one, auto title loans in Irving, TX may be the way to go. With these kinds of loans, you can spend them on anything you need including new refrigerators and it does not matter to the lender.

Why doesn't it matter what you spend your auto title loan money on? Auto title loans are secured loans which means the borrower pledges an asset to the lender that either minimizes the risk or eliminates it altogether for the lender. And since auto title loans in Irving, TX are secured, it also means no credit scores need to be checked or reports made to any credit bureaus. So once you take care of all the necessary documents and have our lenders inspect your vehicle, you're free to spend your title loan money on a new refrigerator or to pay any bills you might have.

You Can Still Drive Your Vehicle With Auto Title Loans In Irving, TX

You might be a little worried when you hear of auto title loans being secured loans because you might need your vehicle to get to work or to take your family places with, and you might hesitate to use it as collateral. Normally when you use an item as collateral you do give it up, but with auto title loans in Irving, TX that's not the case. Your title is what the lender needs to do this and not the vehicle itself, so you're free to keep your vehicle at your home and use it in the meantime. You do need to make sure you don't have any liens on your title prior to turning it in though, so you may need to visit your lienholder as well as a DMV location if there any currently listed on it.

You Should Choose Auto Title Loans In Irving, Texas Over Payday Loans

You might wonder why you should choose an auto title loan over another short-term loan like a payday loan or an installment loan. While these loans don't usually have credit checks either, there are reasons auto title loans still provide a better choice.

  1. Auto title loans will usually give you a greater amount to work with and will probably be a better option for buying a more expensive appliance like a refrigerator
  2. Auto title loans usually don't need to have a checking account if you don't have one, but be aware you may not receive your loan as quick if you don't have one
  3. You usually have more time to repay auto title loans

The Online Application, Inspection And Final Paperwork

Getting your Arlington title loan is usually done in several simple steps. The first thing is filling out your vehicle's information right here to get your title loan quote, and giving us your contact information so we can get in touch with you. Then you'll have a time scheduled to take your vehicle to one of our specialists who will inspect it and have you fill in the final paperwork to getting it done. You will need to have ID to verify you are over 18 and a legal Texas resident. But once you've completed all these steps, you should know within the same day or the next if you have your title loan money.

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