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Auto Title Loans In Benbrook, TX

They are America's team and are beloved by many people not only in Texas but around the world, and they are the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. From the greats like Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, it's a grand experience for many to come to AT&T Stadium and see the players take the field following in the footsteps of those greats. But the tickets to attend the games are not cheap, and if you're one of the many fans that has yet to be able to attend the games, you might be wondering how you can save for them. Well the answer just might be our auto title loans in Benbrook, TX.

Auto Title Loans In Benbrook, Texas Could Let You Go To A Cowboys Game

Auto title loans are the kinds of loans you can get even if you've had a troubled credit past or limited income. You will need to own a vehicle and have the title clear to qualify for these loans, but other than that, getting approved for them is very easy. The amount you'll get in a vehicle title loan depends on the year, mileage and overall condition of your vehicle, but usually you'll get between 25 and 50% of the vehicle's value in a loan. But once you have the title loan money, it's yours to spend wherever you wish.

What Do Auto Title Loans In Benbrook, TX Have that Others Don't?

Auto title loans in Benbrook, TX may be more preferable than other loans because they not only can be used for any purchase, they also have some additional options that other short-term loans don't. For example, payday loans can also be used for short-term purposes and are very easy to qualify for, but auto title loans usually have these advantages over them:

  1. You can get a higher amount for title loans sometimes up to $10,000 if your vehicle is in great shape
  2. You can receive title loans in other forms besides direct deposit to a bank account
  3. You do have to have income but not necessarily employment to qualify for auto title loans

Auto title loans also usually have options for loan extensions or refinancing that other loans may not have, though these may require certain amounts to already be paid and a reappraisal of the vehicle.

How Do You Obtain Your Title For Auto Title Loans in Benbrook, TX?

Your vehicle title is the most important part to getting your vehicle title loan, so you should always keep it where it'll be safe but where you can find it easily. If it's been lost or stolen, you can usually file a request to the DMV to have a new one mailed. But it also has to have no liens reported on it because a vehicle cannot secure a loan if another party has security interest in it. If the lienholder has your title, you'll need to pay off any outstanding debts to them and then usually take your title down to the DMV with a notice that your debts have been paid and you now own your vehicle, and once you've done that you can apply for auto title loans in Benbrook, TX.

Online And In-Person Application

You will complete your application for a Benbrook or Arlington title loan both online and in-person. The online application allows us to get basic information about your vehicle ready for when you visit one of our lenders, and it also allows you to see an estimate for what you can get in an auto title loan. Once you visit our lender, they'll inspect your vehicle and you'll sign over your title and present the appropriate documents to them. Generally applications are approved and title loan money sent within a day.

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